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Our aim is to improve the lives of disabled people in the UK by providing access consultancy, training, auditing and business support services. Working in partnership we take pride in guiding and supporting our clients to provide excellent information, skills and customer services which are accessible for all.

There are lots of access consultants in the U.K. with the technical expertise to meet your needs.

A few of these have first-hand experience of one aspect of disability but very few have personal knowledge of multiple access needs. Thanks to our children, we do. Of the six children we have between us, three have access needs.

Let us introduce you to three very special young people: Tom, Sam and Megan.

Gillian’s son Tom was born with Di George’s syndrome and suffered brain damage at birth. He was a wheelchair-user all his life and needed constant care to meet every aspect of his daily needs. Sadly, Tom passed away in February 2017 at the age of 21 but thanks to a very determined and loving family, had a great life.

Sam, one of Gillian’s other sons, suffered a stroke before he was born and has Cerebral Palsy and autism. He is a funny and loveable young man who loves making music and who’s specialist subject is Disney Pixar films.

Megan is Jane’s eldest child. She was born with a unique chromosome disorder that no-one else in the world has so it doesn’t even have a name. She has severe autism, severe learning difficulties and challenging behaviour. She loves to watch videos and listen to music and is a great fan of Who Wants to be a Millionaire: to date she has watched the same episode over 2000 times…

From the moment they were born our lives took a very different path to the ones we had planned.

Giving up our respective professional careers in training and development and healthcare to concentrate on caring for our families we were both motivated to make a difference.

Whilst we knew we could never make our children better we were determined to give them a better life and independently of each other launched appeals to raise funds for causes close to our children’s hearts at the school they attended: Ashgate Croft School in Chesterfield.

With enormous support from the local community Gillian raised money for three accessible playgrounds and Jane raised funds to build a therapy pool with a combined fundraising total of £1.25 million.

Gillian then went on to be a voluntary Ambassador for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, raising awareness and funds for this desperately-needed facility.

Jane went on to be a volunteer campaigner for Changing Places: large spaces with a height-adjustable changing bench and hoist where people can be changed with dignity, spearheading the campaign in Derbyshire.

In 2013 we came together to create Accessible Derbyshire: a registered charity which improves the lives of disabled people in Derbyshire and the Peak District by providing information, facilities and services which improve accessibility.

Winning numerous awards, our unique charity works in partnership with key organisations in the area and has won the heart of the local community, enabling it to support worthy causes across the region.

In the same year, spurred on by countless requests for our knowledge and expertise, we established The Accessible Training Company, which has now become Access For All UK, augmenting our first-hand experience of accessibility by undertaking professional training in access auditing.

We believe it is this combination of personal experience and technical expertise, added to our backgrounds in training and development and healthcare which makes our offering truly unique in the U.K.

Access For All UK now works with a wide range of clients from all sectors throughout the country providing services which support them in understanding, evaluating and improving their accessibility and providing inclusive excellence for all.