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Duration: 1 day


Creating accessible learning opportunities is something many organisations strive to achieve, yet with individual needs varying so greatly it can be difficult to know how to get it right.

This programme will help you to understand and overcome barriers to learning for disabled people across the spectrum of access needs and equip you with the know-how and confidence to provide truly inclusive learning opportunities.


By the end of the workshop you will have:

  • A greater understanding of accessibility in the U.K.
  • Understood the potential barriers faced by disabled people
  • Experienced some of theses barriers for yourself
  • Learned practical tips as to how these may be overcome
  • Learned how to carry out a simple site accessibility audit including the use of Phototrails for outdoor venues
  • Learned how to produce a Sensory Story to assist people with autism
  • Developed an action plan to help you provide an inclusive learning environment
  • Improved your skills, knowledge and confidence in creating effective learning interventions for people with access needs

What do people say about this workshop?

“What I enjoyed most about the day were the practical exercises which altered my perceptions.” (anon)

“I learned how disabled people may experience our sites as well as how we can make ourselves more inclusive.” (anon)

“The training will make a significant difference to the way I do my job both in running days and in co-ordinating / liaising with schools.” (anon)

“The most valuable thing I learned was about the needs of people with autism.” (anon)

“Thanks very much – this was really helpful!” (anon)

“I realised I need to think differently about the needs of people with disabilities.” (anon)

“The course gave me a much clearer idea of needs to take forward.” (anon)

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to actually experience different issues.” (anon)

“Very informative whilst not being over-loaded.” (anon)

“I learned lots of valuable things including the fact that there are a range of disability issues to consider.” (anon)

“You are an inspiration. well done” (anon)

What do people say about this workshop?

“ Thank you so much. Great passion and hugely helpful.”

“Enjoyed learning about examples that will make our venue more accessible.”

“Experiencing some of the barriers that people face was so valuable.”

“Getting together and sharing knowledge and ideas was great.”

“ The most valuable thing for me was learning about Phototrails and Sensory Stories.”

“Having time to think about and talk about access issues was really helpful.”

“The best thing was experiencing the activities and thinking about the needs of and issues faced by disabled people.”

“This has been very helpful and has sparked some great ideas.”

“I learned that nothing is impossible!”

“ I learned that it’s okay to ask for more information on disability.”

“I learned what we could easily do as an organisation to improve accessibility.”

“I’m so much more aware of the major and minor changes that we could make.”

“This course really improved my insight.”

“It was great sharing time with the team creating good future plans. An exciting start!”

“The best thing was experiencing accessibility barriers and ‘having a go.”

“It was great to have a go at creating a Sensory Story.”

“This will massively help in the way I do my job. We are one step closer to improving accessibility.”

“I am now far more aware of user groups’ perspectives.”