Phototrails Auditor Training

Phototrails Auditor Training 2017-10-18T15:58:13+00:00

Duration: 1 day


Phototrails are an on-line resource which describe a route in words and pictures. Developed by the Fieldfare Trust, Phototrails are an ideal way to record and share information about the accessibility of routes with potential users.

Our Phototrails Auditor Training provides an insight into the needs of and potential barriers faced by disabled people and guides you through the Phototrails process, equipping you with the skills and knowledge you need to audit trails, accurately record them and upload relevant information on your route’s accessibility.


By the end of the workshop you will have:

  • A greater understanding of accessibility in the U.K.
  • Understood the potential barriers faced by disabled people
  • Experienced some of theses barriers for yourself
  • Learned practical tips as to how these may be overcome
  • Understood the Phototrails Auditor process
  • Had the opportunity to undertake a practice audit
  • Identified key next steps

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