Welcoming Visitors with Autism

///Welcoming Visitors with Autism
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Duration: 1 day


Including their families, there are an estimated 2.8 million people whose lives are affected by autism in the U.K.

Despite this, people often find it difficult to understand what autism is, how it may affect people and what practical steps they can take to help.

Utilising a process specifically created by Access For All UK, together with noted guest speakers, this conference-style workshop will give you a unique insight into autism and help to increase your confidence as well as supporting you in developing information, facilities and customer services that are truly autism-friendly.


By the end of the workshop you will have:

  • A greater understanding of what autism is and how it may affect people
  • A greater understanding of the barriers that may exist for people with autism at your venue
  • Learned practical ways to improve the information, facilities and customer services you provide
  • Learned how to produce a Sensory Story to assist people with autism
  • Developed an action plan to make your venue more autism-friendly
  • Improved your skills, knowledge and confidence in welcoming visitors with autism

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